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Organic Design


We utilize organic building materials, solar and wind and recooperate %60 of the water used in the system

We accomplish this by using reverse osmosis filtering so we start with a neutral water supply each time. We also use organic only nutrients.

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Cutting Edge

Wind Systems

No More of the old style windmill that is inefficient and harmful to wildlife.

Our systems operate at lower speeds and higher speeds then the old standard windmill type. They are safer to the environment and the interior space can be used.

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New Age

Solar Systems

If you look at a solar panel you probably can't tell the difference between old technology and new technology.

A little heads up for you. The old style were blue in color and the new have black panels. Even newer yet are the vertical panels that have solar panels on both sides. This means they are always facing the sun. Then there is concentrated solar which is not used on homes or businesses in a city environment.

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Time and
Motion Studies

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Green Building

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Systems Design

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Systems Design

Organic System Design

Complete organic and environmentally friendly design services that will meet your needs today and preserve the needs of future generations. Get Started


Business Advice

Our team of consultants is diverse and represents over 100 years of experience. Sometimes when you are too close to the problem you can't see that there is one. Take the first step. Get Started

Wind Systems

Cutting Edge Technology

No old school system here! We use two brand new concepts in our wind generation systems. Let us design and build one for you to cut or eliminate your energy costs. Get Started

Solar Systems

Efficient Solar Panel Systems

We use the latest and greatest technology available to provide you the highest level of solar energy available. Get Started