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Converting to hydrogen is easier than you may think, with technology readily available to create a Hydrogen Society.
Report shows Texas leadership on solar and wind is helping safeguard our power grid
New technique could generate hydrogen when needed without the use of fossil fuels or energy
Lightweight gas-powered cars might have less carbon emissions over their lifetime in some parts of the U.S. compared to electric vehicles.
Farms that include wild habitat boost soil diversity and support more dung beetles: these could be a crucial first line of defence against foodborne pathogens that kill thousands globally.
The solar PV industry is on a trajectory to reach at least three terawatts of cumulative PV installations by 2030, according to the authors. Continued technology improvements, falling solar panel prices, and grid integration should bend the curve up.
Small temperature increases due to human activities at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution may dramatically shrink the amount of greenhouse gases that we can collectively produce in the future while still avoiding harmful climate change.
A new study adds to a growing body of work suggesting that the health benefits of moving away from fossil fuels are often greater than the costs of doing so.
The first Earth Day was a shot heard around the world
Moving crops to more productive regions could still provide the same quantity of food, while also leaving more land available for conservation.

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